Eden of Gaming Store

Gamers made for Gamers exclusive goods. We not only yearn to provide our players with the best gaming community, but also high-quality goods and services.

Why Choose Us?

We are trying to build a friendly community that can enjoy playing any type of mobile games together. Our concentration is on mobile games but any other genre is always welcomed.

The shop was opened with a simple goal in mind: To create outfits that WE, as a community, would like to wear. All designs are ORIGINAL with full COMMERCIAL RIGHTS.

This means every purchase helps us build and better our community, as well as supporting our starving artists.

About Us

Eden of Gaming is a global community that aims to share knowledge and build relationships between members that transcend the games we play. Irrespective of genre or platform, we are looking to connect diverse and like-minded players with the games they love, establishing a unique footprint in every game we enter. With some of the most dedicated players driving our community, our goal is to create an inclusive environment for gamers made by gamers.